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magic mindset puzzle Jun 12, 2020

Hi my name is CJ, and I used to be an unconscious achiever. What I mean by that is, I would get exceptional results a lot of the time but I didn't understand why - and therefore, I didn't feel like I was in control of those results. It was almost as-if they just happened. On the flip side, I was also experiencing exceptionally shitty results in many other aspects of my life. Again, I didn't understand why - and therefore, I didn't feel like I was in control of these results. This up and down cycle became more confusing to me every time I would see the pattern repeat itself. Can you relate?

Throughout my 20's and early 30's I checked so many things off of my 'bucket list'.

  • Explored my home: Drove 32,000km around North America,
  • Traveled the world: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Rwanda, Amsterdam (on a long layover), Hawaii and Mexico.
  • Reached my goal of becoming a 'six figure woman' 
  • Mortgage-free on my first property
  • Received a Top 20 Under 40 Award before my 30th birthday
  • Ran two half marathons
  • Raised over $20,000 for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre
  • Featured in Elle Magazine and on Canada AM for my philanthropy work
  • Created two humans and raised them myself

Yet... Despite this list, which I knew looked good on paper, I was feeling unfulfilled and lost. There was this nagging feeling that despite these accomplishments, I wasn't aligned with my real potential for happiness. Especially because, despite that impressive list, I was still struggling with a number of toxic results that I was also unconsciously attracting to myself: engaging in unhealthy relationships, eating poorly, unmotivated to maintain fitness results, etc. I was the same person who was crushing my goals, in so many ways...  Yet, I was also the only common denominator in all of my shit-tastic results: I FELT PUZZLED! 

Although I was doing so much work trying to break these patterns, it was as though I was collecting random pieces of a puzzle without all of the pieces I needed and without any clear image of the big picture I was trying to build. Once in a while a piece would click together with another and the feeling was so amazing that I was highly motivated to find more. I wanted to find ALL of the pieces I needed to create the whole puzzle! I felt so frustrated doing SO MUCH WORK to figure it out, the pieces I had just didn't fit and I needed to keep looking for more.  

Well folks, I finally found a method that made it so simple to find every single piece and complete the puzzle. Obviously, this is HUGE because we ain't talking about a puzzle, we're talking about living our best LIFE. Suddenly my entire life is organized, I am intentionally getting ALL of the positive results I seek and no longer attract or entertain invasive negativity into my life. I wake up at 5am every day, feeling enthusiastic to start my day, even if I've only had 5 hours sleep after a long day of solo parenting two small children while working full time. Non-productive habits that I've been trying to break for years suddenly just changed into new productive habits - so easily that it was like magic. 

So, if you want to learn the method I've been studying and make sense of all the missing pieces in your puzzle - Send me a text that says, "I'm PUZZLED!" to 1-250-686-2131.


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